The Saga of the Legendary Cromakid

I ride the night like the breeze
With lengthy strides I cover the ground
The headless horseman who holds my rein
Makes my wheels go round and round
O’er hill and desert I paint my fame
Through distant lands yet riding tame
Calling out to the great beyond
Is there anybody out there?
Aha Aha Aha…
I’m a blazing comet…faster than the speed of light
So let’s dance…
Sweet home sweet home why have you forsaken me?
I call out to ye through all eternity
Yet do not bide me back cause there’s a distant way
And a lot of going ‘ere the end of day.
A rainbow shoots across the horizon
Stars shine through clear skies
A deep throaty run on the starlit highway
A lonely rider fleets through space.
Oh Cromakid Oh Cromakid, lead on lead on
with that hallowed sound
rolling across the amazons
the mighty mountains and the endless plains…
a motion picture…
…from dusk to dawn.

January 2002, After a long winded trip to  Jaipur

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