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The last few years have seen a host of transport infrastructure improvements in many parts of the country. On a recent trip to my hometown of Jamshedpur, I was pleasantly surprised to see some excellent tarmac connecting major cities in the state. The bountiful, naturally blessed topography of the Chotanagpur plateau is also a delight to discover on these new roads. And what best way to discover new places, than on a… Read More

Digging around for a file in the back up from my old computer, I found these. My collection  of brilliant BMW Motorrad advertisements, downloaded when just published at the time. To this day, I have not found any ads that capture the spirit of motorcycling in such a soul stirring way.  One look might make you want to drop everything and head out on a ride! Enjoy!

Shadowfax turned 6 (months) recently and just returned from second service.  Family and work commitments had kept me busy through most of September-so when two small chances to ride came my way, they were grabbed without further ado and the horse reigned in, on each occasion. The first one was a short, half day affair to the fishing camps of Bheemeshwari and Galibore. My riding group wanted to head to the river, park the… Read More

 High and dry in the long hot day, Lost and lonely, every way, Flats all around, sky up above… Yes I need a little water of love… Dire Straits: Water of Love The sky is the greatest distracter…. Imagine a clear, azure blue sky. A few flecks of cloud dust drifting, in the whereabouts of this empty vastness. Down below is the barren desert, flat and featureless except for an odd tree… Read More

Here’s what you do for an awesome Sunday- 1. Round up your mates 2. Start your engines 3. Head for the nearest patch of woods 4. Grab some idly-vada and great coffee on the way 5. Banter with mates on whose bike is better 6. Watch out for elephants en-route 8. Consult Google Mausi for directions in the woods 9. Ride home in time for ‘Real’ Breakfast. 🙂 Sometimes, the best rides are… Read More

A few years ago, on my way back from a meeting in Whitefield to my house near IIM Bangalore, I discovered this road at the suggestion of a colleague. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first rode on it. One minute you are negotiating gaps between heavy trucks on a major state highway leading out of the city, and a minute later, you turn right on an almost invisible lane and you are instantly in… Read More

These iron horses will take us far On paths beyond the highway tar O’er hill and mountain, vale and dale, We’ll stop in taverns and drink fine ale There’ll be talk and laughter and merry and gale And when the day is done, we’ll rendezvous And hold ’em straight and hold ’em true To carry us darlings straight home to you.